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A complete guide to earphones

Everyone has an iPod these days and those white earphones that comes with them are good – but nowhere near great. iLounge has a great article on earphones where they explain why they matter, what you should look for and heaps of pictures for those of you who care just as much about visual appearance as audio quality.

“Just like the speakers that sit on your desktop, bookshelf, nightstand or floor, the tiny speakers in earphones can seriously muffle, distort, or otherwise change the way your music sounds. Despite Apple’s best efforts, its free iPod pack-ins can’t help but prevent you from hearing songs at peak quality – the iPod is capable of sounding so much better. Replacing your earphones with upgraded alternatives is the easiest way to transform your iPod from “good” to “amazing” in a matter of minutes.”

iLounge: The complete guide to earphones

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